Storage Management

Managed Storage Services is available in two options:
  • Infrastructure, Data, and the associated applications are housed at one of Versiant's Premier Partner Housing or Strategic Outsourcing Service Delivery Centers
  • Infrastructure, Data, and the associated applications are housed at your data center
Service Detail

Regardless of where the data is located, Managed Storage Services employs a two-tiered delivery model which combines remote monitoring and management with local delivery capabilities to provide an end-to-end storage management solution.

The cornerstones of the service are Storage Area Networks (SAN), Network Attacked Storage (NAS), and Tage Storage technology where still utilized.  Managed Storage Services uses storage area networks to provide Fibre Channel connectivity to highly available, block storage devices for improved systems and application performance.  Network attached storage provides LAN access for customers who choose not to invest in Fibre Channel connectivity.  Disk storage with de-duplication is used to support backup/restore, archiving and vaulting operations.  Tape storage is used to support backup/restore, archiving, and vaulting operations where still needed or required.

Delivery of Essential Services

Managed Storage Services delivers a complete solution, whether it's disk capacity or backup/restore management, using a standard set of integrated services.  The Transition and initial setup processes are used to design, pan, and deploy storage infrastructures.  The Transition process also designs the coordinated operational activities between the customer and Versiant so that customers have a smooth entry into the service.  The Call Support and Monitoring features are provided on a 24x7 basis to assist customers in the use of various features of Managed Storage Services, to resolve problems, and to react to any alerts discovered by the monitoring infrastructure.  Provisioning represents the work done to meet customers' changing storage needs.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Monitoring of the health, performance, and capacity of the storage array
  • Alerts to the storage management team in the event of failure or low free space
  • Creation, extension, or change of Logical Units within the storage array
  • Assistance in designing Business Continuity plans
Core Technologies
  • EMC Storage Platforms
  • Data Domain Storage Platforms
  • NetApp Storage Platforms
  • IBM Storage Platforms
  • Oracle Storage Platforms