TOS Support

Versiant’s experienced TOS Support team minimizes down time while providing opportunities to better utilize your terminal operating system to help support your operations.

Patching and Q&A:

Patching and QA are extremely important when trying to keep your TOS running as effectively as possible. Versiant can perform a gap analysis, QA to demonstrate accuracy, testing services and instill confidence to provide a high level of comfort no matter how far behind on patches you may be. Testing services include review of client’s testing requirements and development of testing plan to ensure TOS product releases are error free and transparent to the client’s business operations.


Versiant actively identifies, analyzes and resolves any issues related to EDI. This includes communication with government agencies, customers, vendors, terminal operators and any entity involved with the transmission of EDI for implementation and maintenance of custom and standard solutions.


Versiant’s knowledge of Express, SPARCS, Configurable Gate and terminal operations enables us to provide you with specialized training tailored to your specific needs. Customized training includes interactive tutorials, operations simulations, and documentation created and designed to fit your business requirements. Focused training and documentation is also available for TOS modules such as Equipment Control, Allocations, Vessel/Yard/Gate/Rail Planning, Expert Decking and Prime Route to name a few.