Software Solutions

At Versiant we know the TOS (Terminal Operating System) is the single most expensive software investment a terminal operator will make! The Versiant Team has been assisting global Terminal Operators for years in maximizing this investment by developing Software Solutions that integrate seamlessly into the TOS. These solutions further enhance the terminals productivity and reduce its operating cost.

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  • Pulse 2.0: Infrastructure Monitoring

    Versiant's scalable and customizable implementation of the Open Source monitoring system enables organizations to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems before they affect critical business processes.
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  • Lynx MCA (Mobile Customer Access)

    Lynx MCA empowers the customer to retrieve accurate information through an intuitive user interface available on virtually any mobile device. This configurable software platform integrates seamlessly into the existing Terminal Operating System and can be expanded to meet the individual terminal requirements.
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  • Lynx

    Lynx is a an advanced web based full service customer interface providing real time, accurate information and empowering customers to manage their business with Terminal Operators. The intuitive nature of this platform and robust reporting capabilities greatly improve overall customer satisfaction and streamline terminal and customer interaction.
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  • MariTIME

    MariTIME payroll is a centralized timesheet entry and payroll management system that allows Terminal Operators to easily capture and track maritime labor at their terminal. The system is built around a high performance timesheet entry grid for efficient entry, approval and transmission to your payroll provider. The feature rich administrative functionality provides multiple roll-based options to manage all aspects of your MariTIME payroll.
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