Lynx Mobile

Lynx MCA (Mobile Customer Access) empowers the customer to retrieve accurate information through an intuitive user interface available on virtually any mobile device.

Lynx MCA reduces phone calls at the terminal, increases customer satisfaction and ultimately reduces gate congestion.

This configurable software platform integrates seamlessly into the existing Terminal Operating System and can be expanded to meet the individual terminal requirements.

Whether you want to check container availability, view equipment history, verify a vessel schedule or even reprint an EIR, it’s all available!

Terminal Benefits
  • Accurate information portal for external community
  • Reduce turn times & trouble ticket volume
  • Customer Service - Reduce terminal operation phone calls
Customer Benefits
  • Robust software platform
  • Accurate real-time data
  • Flexible solution able to adapt to local Terminal requirements
  • Increase customer satisfaction
Business Inquiries
  • Check Container Availability
  • View Equipment History
  • Booking Inquiry
  • View Vessel Schedule
  • Gate Transaction Inquiry