Desktop Virtualization

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Centralize and Simplify the Control of your Desktops and Applications

Virtualization can be used to break the bonds between the desktop and associated OS, applications, and hardware.  At Versiant, we use best-of-breed virtualization tools to streamline desktop and application management, reduce support and deployment costs, and increase data security through the introduction of a complete Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or Hosted Shared Desktop (HSD). The result is greater end-user flexibility and IT control for your company.

Eliminate the burden of maintaining and managing costly desktop environments that require repetitive upgrade cycles and end user inconvenience. Versiant can help you

  • Manage the complexities of virtualizing your desktop infrastructure;
  • Design a virtual desktop solution tailored to the needs of your growing business; and
  • Implement your VDI and provide additional support whenever needed.

Our  Desktop Virtualization Services for HSD and VDI include:

  • Infrastructure Administration;
  • Deployment;
  • Design and Architectural Services; and
  • Monitoring Services.

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