Helping healthcare and life sciences organizations accelerate innovation and reduce time to market for new therapies and devices.

Constant access to electronic health data via the cloud represents the first step in mobilizing the healthcare workplace. HSD/VDI takes it a step further by giving end-users access to their desktops through any secure mobile device. Access to personal desktops through mobile devices saves time on retrieving information and logging into cloud service interfaces.

Versiant has helped introduce innovative, cutting edge technologies such as hosted-shared desktop (HSD) and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to several of our healthcare and life sciences customers. These technologies can have an enormous positive impact in healthcare IT infrastructure. Additionally our healthcare and life sciences customers achieve competitive advantage through innovative HIPAA compliant and SOC 1 and 2 certified IT solutions and focused outsourcing.

Versiant has proven expertise improving business agility and operational efficiency, with a focus on next-generation business automation and regulatory content digitization.

The healthcare industry stands to gain more important benefits from the mobilization to VDI. The ability to give patients more personalized care by accessing their records while on the phone, bedside or in exam rooms, gives users a modern healthcare experience that patients are beginning to expect and appreciate. Versiant can help this industry achieve these goals seamlessly and cost-effectively.

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