Optimize your infrastructure with Macola Cloud-based solutions.

The drive for operational excellence and continuous improvement leads most manufacturing operations to implement a variety of technology programs. They leverage enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to provide a way to achieve operational improvement for their company. This can become quite complex and difficult to manage.

We have partnered with Macola, Inc, a leading provider of manufacturing-centric ERP software. Macola’s modules support accounting, HR, procurement, logistics and manufacturing, with analytical tools that optimize the entire operation.

The manufacturing industry requires a unique set of skills from their managed service provider. MSPs in this sector must be well versed in ERP software systems, all while staying abreast of the latest and greatest in technology. Versiant has a significant amount of experience and is uniquely qualified to help your manufacturing processes with optimized infrastructure. By moving to cloud-based solutions and implementing low-maintenance HSD/VDI solutions, CIO-in-a Box and targeted outsourcing, your factory can operate at maximum efficiency.

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