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Ports and terminals are undergoing increasing scrutiny by commercial enterprises and government agencies to improve security and cargo tracking capabilities.

They need faster global communications to store and route containers while protecting and preserving document trails for all operations. Emerging IT technologies are having an impact on optical scanning, digital video and radio frequency identification for asset management and remote access.

Learn About Lynx Customer Service Portal

Versiant provides the expertise and insight for maximizing operational efficiency and security for ports and terminals around the world. Software solutions such as Lynx Customer Service Portal help Terminal’s differentiate themselves by offering a superior customer service experience.

With significant support experience with marine terminal operators, Versiant’s terminal operating system (TOS) support team possesses the tools and skills to support any operational process. Our customer centric support team can help you leverage your Navis SPARCS N4 terminal operating system to increase EDI efficiency, extend your current TOS to achieve new levels of effectiveness and perform regular maintenance to ensure maximum TOS availability. Versiant’s operational knowledge will enable your business to utilize technology to streamline workflow and decrease costs. Versiant customers enjoy the comfort of having a highly trained team of customer support representatives, programmers, and business analysts available to them at any time.

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