Security White Paper

Just enough is simply not good enough when it comes to security. Building a comprehensive security plan in today’s IT turbulence.

Cyberattacks continue to escalate as cybercriminals become more calculated and intentional. According to an Accenture global survey, security breaches increased 67% over the last five years. To combat this aggressive activity, today’s security practices need to go beyond antivirus software, spam filters and pop-up blockers to introduce multi-faceted, dynamic solutions that can be implemented across multiple layers of the business environment—from its physical infrastructure to its internal environment to its data.

This is particularly important as data continues to be digitalized and businesses embrace mobilization and the bring-your-own-device culture. In fact, 87% of businesses expect their employees to use personal devices for work. With more data stored electronically and more endpoint devices accessing business environments, the cyber playground is ripe for cybercriminals.

But all is not lost. Businesses can protect their data and IT environments from rapidly evolving and intensifying threats, but they need to be proactive in doing so. A multifaceted security strategy designed to minimize risk and exposure can be achieved at any budget for businesses of all sizes. This strategy must align with and address each business’ unique needs to appropriately manage policies and detect and quickly respond to threats that penetrate security barriers.

The good news is that many organizations are taking this proactive approach to security. The 2018 IDG Security Priorities Study reported that 74% of businesses are investing in security practices to implement best practices as compared to 36% who are reacting to an incident at their organization or 29% who are reacting to an incident at another organization. The bottom line is that businesses cannot afford to be complacent. Your security program is all that separates you from lost or exposed data, diminished productivity and lost revenue. It’s time for businesses to address security issues head on.

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