Versiant announces enhanced Data-Analytics-as-a-Service (DAaaS) offering focused on the transportation supply chain, and partnership with North Carolina Ports.

DAaaS positions ports, terminals, trucking, rail, and drayage for improved visibility into KPIs to drive business decisions that improve performance, productivity, and cost efficiency.

October 13, 2020, Charlotte, N.C. – Versiant Corporation, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based and North American-focused technology services provider, announced today that it is expanding its relationship with North Carolina Ports to deliver a comprehensive data-analytics-as-a-service (DAaaS) solution. This solution eliminates the time-consuming, manual process of aggregating information from across North Carolina Ports’ multiple business systems and Morehead City and Wilmington terminals.

With DAaaS, raw data is captured in a unified location and transformed into actionable information that promotes understanding and strategic decision, using artificial intelligence. This approach delivers improved, real-time visibility into its data and operations, allowing the terminal to better plan its yards, improve turn time, minimize dwell time, and enhance other business-enabling metrics.

Versiant’s DAaaS builds upon Versiant’s deep-rooted data analytics experience. Powered largely by Microsoft Cloud Technologies, the solution transforms how big data is organized, analyzed, and consumed—without costly software license fees or hefty infrastructure needs.

“We are excited by the potential Versiant’s DAaaS solution holds for our organization,” said Bill Corcoran, chief information officer, North Carolina Ports. “The ability to efficiently and accurately integrate data from disparate systems will provide improved insight into our KPIs, operational metrics, and trends to improve productivity, control costs, and enhance agility.

“DAaaS will provide North Carolina Ports with greater agility, standardized access, and improved analytics and reporting capabilities,” said Ed Reade, CEO and Founding Partner, Versiant Corporation. “North Carolina Ports will gain valuable insight into its KPIs and critical business metrics to enable more effective and informed decisions that improve organizational efficiency and performance, drive business strategy, and promote a competitive edge.”

Versiant DAaaS will deliver a series of benefits to North Carolina Ports, including:

Eased data management. DAaaS compiles multi-sourced data in a centralized data warehouse, allowing North Carolina Ports to easily access and manipulate data across it two terminal locations and various business applications to enable sound business decisions. This information is delivered in an easy-to-understand format utilizing the platform’s powerful reporting capabilities that integrate with North Carolina Ports’ existing tools.

Scalability to bolster performance and deliver long-term insight. The solution’s cloud-based environment seamlessly scales to accommodate growing data quantities without impacting the speed or performance of report generation. The ability to grow the data warehouse without purging information, allows North Carolina Ports to analyze larger data sets to identify longer-term trends and more precisely forecast its needs.

Increased accuracy. Versiant DAaaS mines data from a unified data source to ensure accuracy across all reporting platforms. Its automated processes eliminate labor-intensive data manipulation to limit human error and generate reports in minutes rather than hours.

Heightened visibility. DAaaS provides complete transparency into business capabilities for more informed decisions and forecasts. Its dashboard offers a visual, easy-to-digest view of KPI metrics as well as a library of on-demand, self-generated reports that are customized to meet North Carolina Ports’ unique needs. The interface is accessible anywhere, anytime, and from any connected device.

Proactive decision making. DAaaS delivers a deep understanding of the business factors that impact performance, strategic direction, and the bottom line, allowing North Carolina Ports to understand the “why” behind a metric and test variables to determine their potential impacts on a KPI.

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 About NC Ports

North Carolina’s ports in Wilmington and Morehead City and Charlotte Inland Port link the state’s consumers, business, and industry to world markets and serve as magnets to attract new business and industry to the State of North Carolina. Port activities contribute statewide to more than 87,700 jobs and $678 million each year in state and local tax revenues.

 About Versiant

Versiant is an IT services provider offering Infrastructure Management as a Service, Security as a Service, and Data Analytics as a Services to enterprises across North and South America. Versiant solutions can be implemented onsite, at an outsourced data center, or in the hyperscale cloud. Founded by leading IT experts at APM Terminals, a Fortune 300 company, Versiant brings intimate knowledge of the technologies, environments, and business drivers critical to enterprise networking operation and infrastructure. Versiant is headquartered in Charlotte, NC with offices throughout the U.S.

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