IT Audit and Assessment

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Understand Your IT Risks, Potential Business Impact and Better Leverage your IT Resources

The IT environment of most companies developed gradually. Over time, problems can emerge, including performance gaps, redundancies, inefficiencies and unintended information silos. Eventually, it can be difficult to determine what is and isn’t working. Without the proper perspective, it can be difficult to know where to invest your IT resources.

An IT audit and assessment can help manage and respond to risk while gaining a better understanding of your environment. We will assess your It strengths and weaknesses and give you a detailed report and in-person presentation outlining the current state of your technology. We will work with you to determine which actions to take in regard to the gaps (if any) identified in the previous step. This is an ongoing process, it never ends. We don’t simply help you to become compliant or secure and stop, it’s a constant daily challenge that will allow you to “click with confidence” and invest more wisely.

An IT audit will evaluate IT issues including:

  • Lack of or outdated policies
  • Lack of vulnerability scanning or penetration testing
  • No 2-factor authentication for remote access
  • Lack of staff that is 100% dedicated to cyber security
  • No disaster recovery or business continuity plan that is tested and up to date
  • No intrusion protection or improperly managed and monitored
  • Poor OS, network and application patching
  • No current network or systems documentation

We will assess a range of IT functional areas including:

  • Data storage: SAN, permissions, performance, accessibility, availability
  • Server infrastructure: Warranty/support, performance, capability planning, virtualization, operating systems
  • Network infrastructure: Power, environment controls, UPS, warranty/support
  • Networking infrastructure/carrier services: ISP, network switching, wireless, cabling and connectivity, LAN/WAN, warranty/support
  • Cloud services: Compliance, availability, accessibility, service delivery models
  • Business services/applications: Collaboration and messaging, financial management, CRM, active directory/directory services, business intelligence, file/print sharing
  • Disaster recover/business continuity: RTO and RPO, DR planning/readiness, business and impact analysis, backups
  • Network security: RTO password policies, anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall, content filtering, physical security
  • Telephony: All aspects of your telephony solution
  • Risk: Identification and analysis

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