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At Versiant, we know how integral cybersecurity and information technology (IT) management is for the financial industry, which is why we offer strategies and solutions that help drive productivity and better business outcomes. No matter what type of business you own within the financial sector, a robust IT network and managed services can protect important data, help you remain compliant with state and federal regulations, and give both your employees and customers peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more about our IT services for the financial industry!


Outsourcing IT Services

IT services require a significant investment from any company. For a financial business, such as a bank, credit processing firm, or brokerage house, it can require a considerable amount of money to hire and maintain an in-house staff of IT experts. By outsourcing your IT services to a trusted partner such as Versiant, you can save on managed solutions and still receive the necessary level of protection.

Remain in Compliance

Financial firms have to remain compliant with many strict state and federal regulations when it comes to data protection, communication protocols, and more. There have to be policies in place to protect client data, financial information, and more. Our team can supply everything you need to remain in compliance with all regulations.


Security Essentials

Each business will have different needs when it comes to IT services and cybersecurity. However, there are some common essentials that each company must consider, including multi-factor authentication, managed email security, and end point detection and response.


Peace of Mind

Above all, managed IT services for financial firms can offer peace of mind to both the business owner and the company’s clients. IT services should provide companies with ways to achieve greater efficiency and a higher level of customer satisfaction that improves their competitive advantage in the marketplace, while also protecting important data.


If you’d like to learn more about our IT managed services in Charlotte, please feel free to contact us today. We can discuss potential solutions with you and help you decide which services are right for your company.

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