IT Service Management

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Continuously Improve the Effectiveness and Efficiency of IT Operations with Versiant IT Service Management

Versiant can help you access your IT operations processes and adopt industry best practices based on IT Infrastructure Library and industry standards (ISO).

Services include:

  • Assessment Services:  Access the current state of the enterprise, identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.

  • Improvement Services: Get where you need to be by implementing the recommendations from the assessment.

  • Enhanced Improvement Service: Improves operational management processes and reduces risk across management processes.

  • Service Operation Journey: A packaged service that includes gap and maturity assessment with the creation of a continual improvement plan.


  • Help your staff gain the knowledge, understanding and experience they need to maintain lasting  improvements

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your service operation

  • Institute a proactive approach

  • Improve the quality of services delivered to your business and customers

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