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Improve Your Company’s Vital Network Backbone

At Versiant, we’ll serve your network needs so you can focus on your business.
Whether it’s a private network or private/hybrid cloud, Versiant’s network services will upgrade and enhance your company’s network.

From design to deployment, Versiant has the expertise to support and manage the infrastructure once it is in place. Our engineers create the architecture and build the infrastructure that best supports client needs; the requirements of its users, applications and servers.

Learn how Versiant’s Network Virtualization Services
can help improve system capacity.

Our network services can support the design and deployment of the following types of networks:

  • LAN, WAN, Wireless
  • IP Telephony, Voice, Unified Computing Networking
  • Load Balancers
  • LAN and Wan Accelerators

Versiant Network Services Include:

Deployment Services: Versiant offers a variety of network deployment services ranging from wireless to data center telecom and application optimization technologies. In addition to providing network management and automation, Versiant can provide the data analytics necessary to illustrate the efficiency of the upgraded network.

Administration Services: Versiant uses Remote Network Administration for common network tasks including centralized configuration management, moves, additions, changes, analysis, security, help desk support, log collection, monitoring and alerting. This allows us to consolidate administration tasks and overhead through proven methods and best practice implementation. Versiant also provides documentation, implementation, and management of Network infrastructure.

Resource Management: Monitor resource utilization and know when it is time for additional resources.

Business Continuity and Availability Monitoring: Allows you to meet uptime requirements.

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