Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats

The state of cyber security remains critical as companies are still frequently hit by malware. Attacks are escalating and not just in sophistication but in persistence and prevalence. There continues to be an increase in crime and government-sponsored attacks.

To protect themselves, companies need a team of IT experts to help maintain the security of their systems, protecting databases and company information from hacks. Yes, there is a continuing cyber security skills shortage which challenges companies to find the right resources. That is why Versiant offers a solution – an experienced team of IT security experts to help maintain and protect enterprise systems.

In the last decade, powerful and sophisticated security solutions have entered the market.

Versiant works with solutions that we believe are truly best-in-class. Versiant uses a comprehensive security management approach combined with the right technology solutions, avoiding security gaps between solutions and processes. Our managed services provides you with comprehensive security intelligence and situational awareness across your security posture. Our highly experienced global teams are skilled, agile, and analytical.

Click With Confidence

Versiant’s managed security services will oversee all aspects of cyber security from infrastructure, end-point security and incident response to assessing threats, strategy, risk and compliance. Outsourcing some or all of your managed security services to Versiant can help you stay ahead of cyber threats and allow you to “click with confidence.”

Block All Your Threats

At Versiant, we take time to understand what your business needs and
customize a network security solution specifically for you.

Comprehensive security plans from Versiant includes management of:

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Malware Prevention
  • Mail Filtering
  • Internet Filtering
  • Configuration Management
  • Security Training

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