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Build a comprehensive security plan in today’s IT turbulence

At Versiant, we take time to understand your business needs and customize a security solution specifically for you.

A well-protected business has the potential to be confident and more innovative. A successful attack can seriously derail a business from its core objectives. The smartest businesses go beyond the management of cyber risk, they use it as a foundation for growth and market lead.

Technology innovates, but also with potential risk. As cyber threats grow in volume and sophistication, it is essential to maintain trust with your customers, employees, and suppliers. These key relationships are too important to risk.

Versiant helps you create a resilient and trusted enterprise — even in the face of evolving threats. We bring a combination of technological expertise, deep business knowledge, and creative professionals who are passionate about protecting and building your business. Together, let us create a secure digital ecosystem for your enterprise, so you can push the limits of what’s possible.

While foundational infrastructure components deliver secure recovery solutions, border management, system and resource hardening, threat mitigation, and response together complete your risk mitigation strategy.

CSaaS Services

Strategy and Governance

Versant has security expertise in each discipline of IT that it can bring to bear on analyzing your environment and designing the comprehensive audit of your security needs. Our collections of CISOs can also establish governance practices and procedures to make sure your company is succeeding in its digital transformation and evolution.


Cyber Transformation

Accelerate the delivery of security transformation programs such as cloud and infrastructure protection. Safeguard your company data assets with access management and state of the art heuristic capabilities built into the cloud that extend to anywhere; processes and organizational designs, which can then be tailored to your unique business.


Cyber Defense and Response

Versiant delivers an ecosystem approach that enables us to look beyond the experience of just ourselves. Our professionals tap into knowledge and insight from a vast pool of alliances and trusted partnerships, including services that cover every facet of the security umbrella. Let us help you explore potential issues from all angles — and how to address them.


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