Cyber Defense and Response

IT Management: Cyber Defense and Response

Quality Cyber Security solutions are a recipe for security and business solutions that produce confidence and protection while maintaining the versatility your business requires.

You cannot protect what you don’t know. We ensure that you are secure enough to mitigate risks and any “weak links in the chain”.

Security Action Plans are unique to each business; therefore, the governance models, operational processes, and security mindset (culture) are important to document and rehearse prior to a breach. The Versiant cyber defense team brings a broad-ranging, business-operations perspective to cyber security services.

Cyber breaches, unfortunately, are the new norm. As cyber threats grow in volume and complexity, the loss of intellectual property, customer data, or other sensitive information can put your entire organization at risk. Risking business operations, financial and reputational damage, brand integrity, investor confidence, customer experience, and may incur compliance or regulatory reporting or penalties.

Should a breach occur, Versiant will identify and segment the compromised systems while ensuring business continuity. Versiant will bridge with Stakeholders to remain “in the know” as updates, workarounds, risks, and resolutions progress to full operational functionality. A critical, and often missed component, is a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) postmortem, along with deep dive to ensure there are no threat actors or malware remaining in the systems. Once a company is compromised, many are “staged” for a larger breach/attack in the future.

Versiant delivers Cyber Security Response Services by way of trusted partnerships and best-in-class technology solutions. We can assist you with detecting, responding, and recovering from cyber breaches by providing immediate response services. Our professional partners have experience in investigations, digital forensics, and recovery, which can help your organization secure evidence, understand what happened, mitigate risks, and support internal, legal, and law enforcement inquiries.

At Versiant, we help leading organizations worldwide effectively manage and protect their most valuable data across a broad spectrum of evolving threats and scenarios. We approach cyber security, not as a one-time project, but rather as a holistic, adaptive strategy, aligned to your business goals, focused on delivering long-term value for your business. So, you can protect your future and realize your vision.

As a provider and implementer of cyber security, Versiant knows how to apply leading security practices — and build new ones that are fit for your specific needs.

Versiant Managed Services

Free up your team for strategic initiatives by easily accessing dedicated resources and technology for day-to-day security operations.

Versiant Enterprise Solutions

Accelerate the delivery of security transformation programs such as identity and access management and security operations, thanks to preconfigured cloud technologies, processes, and organizational designs, which can then be tailored to your unique business.

Versiant Products and Services

Leverage deep technical experience through IT management services, consulting, and cyber defense solutions

Commitment to You

Board-level credibility from an established professional services organization. Versiant client relationships are built on mutual trust and long-term commitment to providing effective and efficient IT management strategies.

Industry Experience

Versiant professionals bring robust industry experience to your cyber security challenges. We understand where your industry is coming from in cyber security — and where it’s going.

Network of Alliances

Our ecosystem approach enables us to look beyond the experience of Versiant professionals to tap into knowledge and insight from a vast pool of alliances, technology providers. So, we can help you explore issues from all angles — and how to address them.

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