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IT Management: Strategy and Governance

New business initiatives demand new technology solutions and innovative sales channels to deliver better customer experiences. Does your organization have the confidence and agility to seize these opportunities, or do cyber threats and regulations hold you back?

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Cyber security is not just an information technology issue, it’s a business issue — demanding the attention not only from CISOs but also from the rest of the C-suite, the board, employees, supply chain, and business partners.

Versiant has superior IT management and an alliance of CISOs on demand that understand the current cyber security landscape and can advise on the best governance plan to meet your needs. Our IT management and CISO approach deliver a strong cyber security strategy that aligns with your business vision, objectives, and innovation projects. If implemented effectively, it can enhance product integrity, customer experience, operations, regulatory compliance, brand reputation, investor confidence, and more — turning risk into a competitive advantage.

Strategy and Governance Services

Cyber Security and Data Protection

The Versiant strategy and governance team helps you with tailored approaches for cyber security and data protection. From determining the appropriate levels of acceptable risk, to aligning your information protection agenda with your business and compliance priorities, to building enterprise-wide security strategies. Versiant can move your organization from reacting in crisis mode to having proactive, value-added security approaches that carry throughout your entire organization.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

With workers more transient than ever, it is more challenging for organizations to secure each individual user, and therefore it is necessary to ensure users are able to mitigate the cyber risks presented on a daily basis. Versiant utilizes a combination of different learning delivery types, as well as interactive elements to dramatically reduce the risk of cybercrime in your organization.

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