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Versiant delivers digital dexterity with Microsoft 365 support and management.

At Versiant, our aim is to remove the complexities of supporting and managing Office 365 from your busy technology staff, freeing up their much-needed time to focus on delivering your critical strategic goals. Our IT management team will not only help you deliver on your immediate goals, but also free up much-needed time and resources for your IT departments, making sure that productivity and collaboration is at the heart of what you do.

Versiant ensures your teams can work efficiently and effectively in a Microsoft 365 environment without disruption. Part of our Microsoft 365 Support and Management Offering, Versiant supports Teams, SharePoint, Exchange, Active Directory, Outlook, and Microsoft 365 Licensing.

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Microsoft 365 Services & Solutions

Active Directory

Did you know that according to Gartner, more than 90% of the world’s large organizations use Microsoft Active Directory — and few manage it well? It is without a doubt, mission-critical for both in-house and cloud-based applications, and downtime is simply not an option.

Why Use Active Directory Managed Services?

As your organization grows and adapts to key technology trends, you may find yourself struggling with:

  • Active Directory management and monitoring in an increasingly complex environment
  • Automating time-consuming tasks to focus on more strategic projects
  • Enhancing visibility and accountability
  • Finding in-depth Active Directory expertise

Versiant positions itself against other companies and we offer, unlike most,  Active Directory managed services based on service levels. This demonstrates a guaranteed level of commitment to our clients based on measurable units, KPIs, set standards, SLAs, and ITIL processes. Among other features, our proactive ADMS service includes:

  • 24/7 monitoring and resolution
  • Rapid incident management
  • Effective problem management
  • Well planned and executed change management
  • Security update management
  • Ongoing configuration optimization

We’ll help you minimize the risk of disrupting critical business applications, while optimizing the performance, security, and stability of your Microsoft infrastructure. Versiant manages Active Directory (AD), AD Connect (ADFS) and MIM for some of the largest corporations in the world.

Microsoft Exchange

Versiant’s Microsoft 365 Exchange consulting services can provide you with the right level of assistance to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for 24/7 Exchange support or to upgrade your on-premise Exchange server environment, or you are considering a hybrid solution of Exchange 365 and on-premise exchange servers, our expert team of Exchange engineers can handle it all.

Exchange Online Management (365)
Exchange Online is Microsoft’s cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, available with subscriptions  to various Microsoft Office 365 offerings. Enabling you to utilize cloud-hosted servers, mailboxes and other messaging infrastructure, Exchange Online can significantly reduce out-of-pocket expense and management hassle. This is especially attractive for small to medium-sized organizations with minimal IT resources or in-house technical skills.

Migrating to Exchange Online can be relatively straightforward or it can be agonizingly complex. This depends strongly on your current email environment and your functional requirements.

Versiant has over a decade of experience migrating and managing Exchange 365 and can migrate all the data you have from your traditional email, calendars and contacts to email signature blocks, rules as well as all of your various calendar permissions. We make the transformation from Exchange Server to Exchange Online simple and risk-averse. In addition to this we can work on migrations for every version of Exchange Microsoft ever rolled out.

3 Key attributes of Exchange Online that you can’t afford to miss out on.

  1. Serious ROI

Making the move to Exchange Online can significantly reduce your annual IT expenditures. Email servers can incur massive infrastructure costs and overhead, requiring ongoing maintenance and physical hosting requirements . There are server and operating system maintenance requirements (security, patching, upgrades), hardware replacements and utility bills that come along with keeping these systems functional and operating at peak performance.

Migrating to Exchange Online puts an end to all of that. Instead, in exchange for the price of subscription, all your server issues are resolved for you. No more server maintenance and installing new updates ever again.

  1. Security

Perhaps the most significant benefit that Exchange brings to your business is its incredible security. Microsoft Office 365 Secure Productive Enterprise brings together a suite of critical business applications with collaboration, mobility and intelligence integrated around an umbrella of security, compliance and trust.

Microsoft has spent billions of dollars on Exchange Online’s data security offering that ensures that your emails are safer within Microsoft’s protected cloud than in your own on-premise server.

Exchange is also compliant with all major compliance standards such as ISO 27001, HIPAA and FISMA.

  1. Performance

When it comes to simplicity, ease of use and improved functionality no other email system can rival Exchange Online. Exchange Online provides fast, intuitive and convenient email controls. It has smart lookups that enable you to quickly find emails within your system. Searches are performed by keyword, author or date, allowing for quick and accurate search results.

While personal emails and other systems can become bombarded with unsafe junk and spam emails before you know it, Exchange online spam filter makes certain that only legitimate emails will arrive in your inbox.

Exchange Online is accessible across multiple platforms, including mobile and tablets, as well as being fully integrated with Microsoft’s cloud services. Wherever you have an internet connection, you will be able to access your emails. 


At our IT management solutions company, we offer SharePoint consulting services for every phase and milestone required for a successful implementation. From initial planning, all the way through design, implementation, configuration, customization, go-live as well as post go-live support, and long-term SharePoint managed services.

Sharepoint Online Management
Versiant’s 24/7 SharePoint Managed Services are aimed at ongoing monitoring of SharePoint online solutions, solving technical issues, and improving features in order to maintain seamless operating with high performance.

With over ten years of experience in SharePoint consulting and development, Versiant offers professional managed services to support our customers’ SharePoint solutions. We help enterprises maintain and enhance their SharePoint environment and enable them to focus on their core activities. ​

Ongoing SharePoint monitoring. Quick access to the metrics such as firewall rules, network bandwidth, etc. allows us to be aware of errors as soon as they happen and take immediate action to resolve the issues. (Are firewall rules and network bandwidth related to SharePoint??)

Ongoing Performance Check
Ongoing system performance check. We carry out an in-depth analysis of SharePoint performance and its components to detect bottlenecks, such as slow load time. Then, if we reveal problems in CPU, RAM, etc., we troubleshoot these issues. (Are we referring to desktop issues?  Since SharePoint is a cloud service, there aren’t CPU or RAM issues to troubleshoot for “servers”.

Service Desk
We handle incidents related to the service, such as  the loss of critical data, application errors, and SharePoint functionality degradation, in conformity with a service level agreement (SLA).

Security Check
Monthly security check. Versiant assists you in evaluating the overall protection of your SharePoint solution, including checking security certificates and updates, permissions, antivirus configuration, etc.

Patch Installation
We ensure the protection of work processes and collaboration in SharePoint by installing the latest security patches regularly. To avoid any application interruptions, we apply the zero downtime patching (ZDP) method. Besides security patches, we install bug fixes and patches (e.g., language patches) that improve performance and usability of a SharePoint solution. (Microsoft handles the patching of their services.  What patches would we load for SharePoint?)


Get ready to revolutionize the way your organization does business with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft boasts approximately 75 million daily active users on Teams, but that’s only 30% of the 250 million Office 365 commercial users who are still waiting to deploy and adopt Teams. With Versiant at your service, you’ll never have to contemplate the who, what, when, where, why, and how associated with piloting and governing Teams.

Teams Management
If your Teams usage is already surging due to a rapid shift to work-from-home, and you’re concerned about the number of Teams being created, we can help. This rapid, two-week deployment of products + services, helps you automate Teams management, fast. Microsoft Teams has kept users engaged and productive as they rapidly transition to work from home. As all collaboration moves online and remote, Teams usage is rapidly increasing, as is the number of Teams being created each day. These workspaces all contain critical business data of varying sensitivity levels, and oversight is critical to long-term success. This rapid, two-week deployment helps commercial and GCC environment customers get automated Teams management, fast.

Teams Best Practice Ongoing Training and Tips
In addition to the above workshop, we’ll also provide a starter Teams governance policy outline, a best practices assessment and a mapping exercise for Teams use cases.

Teams Governance
Building on the workshops, assessment, and starter policies, we’ll provide a detailed analysis, suggest tools and techniques to implement IT governance, and then execute a governance pilot that’ll enable you to see a return in productivity on a six month timeline.

Microsoft Licensing

The varied options for Microsoft 365 subscriptions for small businesses and enterprises, and associated add-on subscriptions, can be very complex and confusing. Versiant has deep experience with the features and options offered with the various Microsoft subscription offerings.

Microsoft License Management
Versiant can help you choose the most economical combination of Microsoft subscriptions to meet your strategic goals across your user base. With Versiant as your partner, we can help manage your licenses, assign licenses to users and even enable trials for software before you commit to the monthly or annual cost of subscriptions.

As a Microsoft silver-level partner, Versiant is able to access specialized support for your product needs, including pre-implementation technical assistance and Microsoft Fast Track Services.

When your Azure spend is small, Microsoft requires a credit card to cover the cost of the Azure Services.  By purchasing your Azure services through Versiant, we can bill you for your Azure usage on your monthly Azure bill, allowing you Net 30 payment terms and avoid the risk of a gap in your Microsoft services for any credit card issues, such as a lost, stolen or replaced credit card.

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