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As the port and terminal industry continues to grow and evolve, so does the need for robust cyber security measures. At Versiant, we want to emphasize the importance of cybersecurity for the operations and development of ports and terminals. Our new Digital Terminal Planning Handbook is a condensed guide with 5 key points to securing your port and terminal.

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Ports and Terminals are Under Constant Scrutiny for Their Security Practices

Ports and terminals are constantly under scrutiny from both the government and private regulations. This is especially true in today’s climate of heightened security concerns. It is essential that ports and terminals have comprehensive cyber security plans in place to protect against any potential threats. The Versiant team can help you develop a robust cybersecurity plan that will meet the needs of both the government and private companies.

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Dealing with a Vast Amount of Data and Information

Ports and terminals collect a vast amount of data and information daily. This data is essential to the operation of the port or terminal. However, it also makes ports and terminals a prime target for cyber attacks. It is essential that this data is protected against any potential threats. Versiant’s terminal operating system (TOS) support team possesses the tools and skills to support any operational process while keeping your data secure.

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Cybersecurity Not Only Protects Data, But Mitigates Potential Loss of Capital and Profits

Cyber security is not only about protecting data. It is also about mitigating the potential loss of capital and profits. A cyber attack can have a devastating financial effect on a port or terminal and in terms of reputation. A comprehensive cyber security plan is the only thing that can truly protect your enterprise against potential threats.

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Choose your Technology Partners Strategically

When it comes to developing a comprehensive cyber security plan, you need a reliable ally. Port and terminal operations are complex and require a delicate, expert eye. At Versiant, we have the marine terminal operator experience and expertise to help you develop a robust cyber security plan that will meet the needs of both government and private regulation.

Work With Cyber Security Experts

Constant growth in the port and terminal industry means the need for advanced technology and robust cyber security measures. At Versiant, we offer more than IT management and cyber security. We offer the expertise of a team that knows your industry. Our support team can help you leverage Navis N4 terminal operating system to achieve new levels of effectiveness while protecting your infrastructure so you can focus on managing your business.

Contact our team today to learn more about our port and terminal cyber security measures, plans, and solutions.