Versiant’s Lynx Customer Service Portal (CSP) Receives N4 Certification as Navis Ready

Versiant, a long time implementation partner with Navis, is pleased to announce the Versiant Lynx Customer Service Portal 3.3.2 (CSP) has been validated as Navis Ready with N4 3.1. The Lynx CSP greatly enhances marine terminal customers’ interaction with their user community. Navis Ready partners provide trusted and validated software solutions that have been tested to work within a marine container terminal operating environment.

Versiant has 13 Lynx CSP terminals that are either in production or being implemented across North America, with over 40,000 registered users and processing tens of millions of terminal charges annually. The Lynx CSP integration with N4 is seamless and utilizes Navis APIs to provide a real time data exchange with N4, focusing on reducing customer service inquiries and trouble tickets at the terminal gate. This solution is available to be hosted by Versiant or located on premise.

“The acquisition and implementation of Versiant’s Lynx Customer Service Portal for GCT Vancouver has allowed us to improve customer service through the real-time access of data and intuitive user interface. Customers are able to submit bulk appointment requests, guarantee container charges and receive container based event notifications. The implementation of this solution was an important part of our strategy to provide faster access to data and increase efficiencies”, quoted Kwang Chen, VP of Terminal Support Services.

The Lynx CSP portal provides real-time access for shipping lines, trucking companies and other BCOs and includes features such as:

Make appointments and submit Pre-Advices
Check import container availability with release notifications
Manage bookings
Pay terminal demurrage and ancillary fees online
Collect hazmat documentation
API integration
Enhanced reporting
Multi language and localization support: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

The Lynx CSP solution adapts to any PC and mobile device with a responsive design architecture, and is virtually available with internet access.

Navis N4 is the most advanced TOS solution in the industry, and is flexible enough to allow customers to configure the product with the use of code injection, making it possible for terminal operators to support an unlimited variety of processes, integrations and business rules specific to their individual business needs.

Navis Ready partner solutions have been tested in a simulated environment to ensure that specific messages have integrated effectively with a specific version of Navis N4 terminal operating system (TOS). Customers choosing a NavisReady partner will reduce the risks during project deployment as operators can verify the level of integration achieved along with the supported business process flows in advance.

About Navis
Navis, a part of Cargotec Corporation, is the global technology standard for managing the movement of cargo through terminals, standing the test of time. Navis combines industry best practices with innovative technology and world class services to enable our customers to maximize performance and reduce risk. Whether tracking cargo through a port, automating equipment operations, or managing multiple terminals through an integrated, centralized solution, Navis provides a holistic approach to operational optimization, providing customers with improved visibility, velocity and measurable business results.

About Versiant
Versiant is an IT consultancy specifically focused on the unique requirements of the marine transportation industry. Our deep expertise and extensive experience in this industry sector has enabled us to develop proven software and service solutions that extend Terminal Operating Systems, increase revenue, reduce costs, and provide a competitive advantage.

You can meet Versiant at the upcoming NavisWorld event in San Francisco on March 27th-29th or simply click on to learn more.

Deane Stuart
Director of Sales
Phone: (251) 422-9714